Digitally Printed Packaging Products—Alternative Options to Printed Boxes

Digitally Printed Packaging Products—Alternative Options to Printed Boxes

It might be a strange concept to read a blog post speaking about alternative options to printed boxes on a website named “Digital Box Printer.” But at Salazar Packaging, we understand that no two products or companies are the same, and therefore, there is no “one-size fits all solution” to packaging. We are in the unique and fortunate position of being able to offer a variety of packaging solutions, and have the experience, expertise and knowledge to be able to guide our customers in the right direction.

We fully understand that a printed box is not necessarily the best packaging solution for everyone, and that the product ultimately determines the application, as well as other factors, such as cost, volume, customer preferences etc. There are a variety of alternatives to digitally printed boxes, should you determine that this is not the best path for your needs.

Digitally Printed Paper Tape

This is a brand-new offering by Salazar Packaging. The minimum quantity as of now stands at 8 cases (10 rolls per case) to digitally print custom water activated paper tape (CPWAT). Digitally printed tape allows you the option to print your logo, brand name or virtually any other design you can think of with limitless colors. It’s an eco-friendly alternative to many plastic tapes or other closures, and strong and durable when applied to any shipping carton, container or envelope. You can read more about digitally printed CPWAT here.






Digitally Printed Poly Mailers

We have long been in the business of promoting paper mailer envelopes as a great alternative to poly mailers. For many products, paper mailers just make more sense at very low quantities and for very minimal cost. However, paper mailers are not without their limitations. Mainly, you are limited to 1 or 2 color prints, and many designs or complex graphics cannot be printed on paper mailers, as well as the inability to print edge to edge. However, poly mailers are an excellent option to ship certain products that require little protection, or as primary packaging to hold your product when placed within a secondary shipping carton or additional envelope. You can print photo-quality images and really make your branding pop with little to no design restrictions.



Digitally Printed Inserts

This is something of a rare concept, but we’ve seen it done and done well recently when a customer came to us asking for a digitally printed insert within a flexographic printed mailer. The end result was beautiful, creating a packaging combination that truly presented the product in a unique and stunning way. Yes, a digitally printed insert will be more expensive than an unprinted or flexo-printed insert by comparison, but there will be cost savings if you decide not to go digital for the printed box. Consider that you can ensure the money you are spending is on something that will ship safely and unharmed protected on the inside of the box, rather than printing a beautiful digital design on the outside of a box, only to arrive to the customer with scuffs, dirt and other flaws that will take away from your intended presentation and experience. This may be especially true in applications with small mailers where a standard shipping label will take up the majority of the exterior of the box. All the better to focus your graphics on the interior or insert.



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