Is digital printing for corrugated boxes eco-friendly?

Is digital printing for corrugated boxes eco-friendly?

Is digital printing for corrugated boxes eco-friendly?  

I am proud to say that our company has been active in the green community since 2007. We were one of the first companies focused on eco-friendly packaging products, created the first green packaging online store, and have supported organizations like Green America and 1% For the Planet from the beginning of the sustainability movement.  

Over the course of the last twelve years, the green market has matured and changed as has the packaging industry. One of the biggest most recent changes in packaging has been technology that has made digital printing directly to corrugated, possible and affordable. The equipment has become faster and materials used more affordable and friendlier to the environment.

We have decided to move deeper into the digital printing market because customers want it and the process and products used are now truly green. Here is why we believe it is now a viable environmentally friendly custom printed packaging option:    

Digital inks are now water based

Gratefully, manufacturers of digital equipment have moved away from solvent, petroleum-based inks. Water based inks are now most common on newer digital printing systems. This has not only made digital printing greener; it has made it more economical in terms of cost. Considering how much ink coverage most digital designs have; this is extremely important. 

 No special corrugated board coatings required 

Standard corrugated board can be printed though in some cases a better but still eco-friendly board grade is recommended for better results for complex or detailed graphic designs. For example, Kemi or clay coated board may be desirable for a specific print but even those are now considered environmentally acceptable. 

Digitally printed boxes are 100% recyclable

The recycled content may vary depending on the grade, but our digitally printed boxes are at minimum 40% postproduction recycled content. So, they are fully recyclable anywhere paper waste is processed, and they are 100% re-pulpable probably ending up as new packaging boxes.  

 Digitally printed boxes also offer many production benefits

Compared to older, slower digital printing systems, today’s equipment is much faster resulting in less electricity, water and other resources being used.  Being able to produce more boxes more quickly, also means a lower cost to you. Also, because in most cases you can order a smaller MOQ, you don’t end up with inventory you may not really want or need, that consumes valuable cash flow and storage space.  

The green “look”.

Today, delivering your green product in green packaging is a requirement but looking green may be even more important since that is how many customer’s will judge your company and packaging. Digital printing allows perfect white on Kraft (very popular with the green minded) and very natural looks such as wood grains, cork, sand, burlap and other natural patterns and colors. 

As one digital printer recently put it, “the sky’s the limit with digital printing” and I agree whole heartedly. You can print a blue box with photo quality cloud images directly on your box. You are not limited to one or two colors and the only limitations are set by your own imagination. Take a close look at a few of the designs we show on this post and decide what unique look we can create for you.  

Contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700. We would love to work with you to create incredible direct to consumer packaging that is affordable and eco-friendly. We invite you to visit our gallery where you can see some of our work and we encourage you to check out the rest of this web site:      


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